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I am an international researcher, designer and
artist (respectively). Recently graduated with a
BDes in Industrial Design at Emily Carr
University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada.
My work is varied and transdisciplinary, with
strong themes of critical ecology, identity, and
experimental futures.

I tend to flourish at the intersection of nature,
design, science and culture.   

_ Projects

An experiment in display design that subverts  the traditional model to embed the story of why invasive’s are in BC into the displays themselves; avoiding the fragmentation of nature’s beings as separate from ourselves and our systems.

[part of Museum of Natural Histories]

#museum, #ecology, #research, #critical

WITH Trees

WITH Trees is a matterial matters research initiative that addresses the ecological imperative to change current unsustainable behaviours through forums containing dialogue, activity, co-creative design, and knowledge mobilization. 
#research, #workshops, #futures, #ecology, 

An ongoing design investigation into the narratives, practices and built spaces surrounding Natural History Museums
#museum, #ecology, #research, #futures, #critical

For All Beings

2022 - ongoing
A podcast that explores how, through different modes of research, through personal connection, through data digestion, through design, we build empathy. Empathy for all those around us, all those more-than-human beings.
#podcast, #ecology, #research, #futures

Goal of designing for Lichen, a composite organism that comes from a mutualistic relationship between fungi and cyanobacteria or algae.
#mapping, #ecology, #research, #futures

A sculpture project born through playful exploration and reflection of newly developed algae-based biomaterials. 
#ecology, #materials, #sculpture, #textile

A sculpture combining a classic slavic folk tale with soviet brutalist architecture as a way to engage with identity, nostalgia and family history.
#identity, #materials, #sculpture

Originating as a furniture design competition with BoConcept. A furniture piece with the aim to humanize the design and user experience of everyday objects/systems within the context of our home.
#materials, #body, #ecology

research - ecology - futures - speculative - sculpture - mapping - museums - podcast - body - identity - textile - critical - workshop

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