[2022] Alganyl, metal and thread sculpture

Phytalism is a meditation on the role of bio-materials within the world as we know it now. It originated as an exploration of Alganyl, an algae-based bio-plastic recipe developed by the ATLAS Institute at University of Colorado Boulder. A way to play around with a material, get to know it better, build a relationship by actually making the material itself. Quickly the project moved from a place of exploration to one of irony and confusion. Giving space to the human urge to interpret and represent that which is found in Nature, oftentimes by extracting from Nature.

Phytalism was also a part of a Sustainable Materials Research Expo titled ROOTS OF PLACE that took place in June of 2022 at Emily Carr University of Art +

Curated by Erick Jantzen
Photography by Teigan Kelly, 2022

research - ecology - futures - speculative - sculpture - mapping - museums - podcast - body - identity - textile - critical - workshop

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