For All Beings Research

[2022-ongoing] Design Investigtation
This project is supported in part by the Emily Carr DESIS Lab

for all beings is a podcast project that originated from the goal of design for lichen, a composite organism that comes from a mutualistic relationship between fungi and cyanobacteria or algae. Through my research, Lichen taught me that subtle complexities, entanglements and inter-relationships are a survival tool, an evolutionary strength. The overall premise of the podcast is to explore these lichen teachings with other artists, designers and researchers who have dedicated projects for more-than-human beings. Recorded outside, in different places across the greater “Vancouver” area as a way of inviting connection and rethinking relationality.

Inspired by CIRCOS genome data visualisation graphs, this Lichen System map uses 7 categories of relationships, including the 5 types of symbiotic relationships, to visualise and express the complexity and entanglements of different beings related to Lichen. It only scratches the surface and there are countless more connections to be made but I hope it shows how overwhelmingly complicated nature actually is no matter how much we try to reduce it to formulas and charts.

In the lower map you can see the isolated relationships. Whereas the complete map above expresses entanglement, the individual ones can help with pattern identification and actual data processing.

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